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Every year millions of people are injured or killed by defective or faulty consumer products. These injuries and deaths occur because manufacturers fail to properly warn consumers of foreseeable risks or they choose to cut corners in their mass production of food, clothing, tools, appliances, cars and other products. Often, the injuries are avoidable if the responsible parties pay closer attention to safety meausures.

There are three ways in which a manufacturer can be found liable for a defective product:(1) design defects, (2) manufacturing defects and (3) failure to warn consumers of known dangers when a product is used as intended or in a manner that is foreseeable.

Georgia law provides that consumers have the right to sue a manufacturer over injuries occasioned from exposure to a defective product. A products liability lawsuit can be filed against the manufacturer of almost any consumer product based on flaws including the following:

  1. Improperly labeled products
  2. Exposed wiring or electrical wiring problems
  3. Contamination in medicine or food
  4. Inadequate and incomplete testing of medications where the flaws were not disclosed to patients.
  5. Inadequate and incomplete safety testing of products.
  6. Products which contain carcinogenic materials
  7. Use of unstable materials

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