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Premises liability encompasses a wide range of claims arising out of a property owner’s negligence which leads to injury for the victim. These types of cases can range from “slip and fall” accidents on private or business property,to injuries from falling merchandise in a store. From a security standpoint, premises liability can also include cases involving an assault or violent attack due to inadequate security in a high-risk neighborhood or apartment complex.

Generally speaking, a property owner has a duty to exercise ordinary care in keeping the property and all approaches safe and free of all known hazardous conditions. These duties may be heightened depending on how the victim is classified under Georgia law, which distinguishes individuals as either a licensee, invitee or a trespasser.

Premises liability may be triggered in the following instances:

  1. Failure to warn about unsafe conditions on the property
  2. Failing to provide adequate security from assaults, robbery and shootings in a high-risk neighborhood
  3. Improper or inadequate lighting on a property
  4. Failing to clean up slippery substances
  5. Failing to maintain the approaches, stairwells and walkways
  6. Improper or insufficient drainage structures for storm waters
  7. Falling merchandise or structure collapse
  8. Serious animal attacks
  9. Improperly maintained elevators or building structures

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