Breach Of Contract



Breach Of Contract

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A breach of contract is a failure to perform some promised act or obligation. A majority of business-related litigation in Georgia stems from a breach of contract. These contracts may be sealed with a handshake, written and signed or even implied by the actions of the two parties.

A breach occurs when one party fails to live up to or neglects to perform a material part of the contract without reason. There are a number of different scenarios involving breach of contract, including: failure to complete work on a project, failure to deliver products, failure to pay for goods or failure to pay in a timely manner.

In Georgia, the party injured by the breach of contract may file suit for damages caused by the breach or for specific performance to enforce the terms of the contract in such a manner that they are put in the position they would have been in had the contract been honored and performed as negotiated. Georgia courts may award exemplary damages targeted to deter bad behavior where a breaching part has shown bad faith.

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