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No one ever gets out of bed and starts their day expecting to be involved in an automobile accident.

If you have been injured in an automobile accident, you want experienced attorneys representing you.

There are many factors that must be considered when evaluating the value of your case. These include:


  • who was at fault in the accident,
  • the extent of the damages to the vehicle,
  • the type of injuries to the driver and passengers, and
  • the amount of available insurance.

Most automobile accidents are the result of one or more drivers’ negligence. Negligence has four elements: duty, breach, causation and damages. All drivers have a duty to drive with reasonable care and to follow the rules of the road. A breach of that duty occurs, for example, when a driver speeds, drives under the influence, fails to stop, runs a red light or veers into the lane of oncoming traffic. Causation is the proof that the negligent party’s breach of the duty of care (to drive in a non-negligent manner) caused the accident and your injuries. Damages include, but are not limited to: pain and suffering from personal injuries, loss of quality of life, medical bills, lost wages, loss of consortium with spouses, and more, that were caused by the negligence of the offending party.

The value of your case at trial or in settlement depends on many factors that we have years of experience analyzing. Insurance companies act quickly to get unrepresented individuals to settle, hoping to avoid experienced attorney evaluations. An injured party simply does not have the information and experience necessary to obtain fair value from the other side. That’s where we come in. We are your advocate, and our years of training, experience and resources are dedicated to getting you what you deserve.

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